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Residential Surveys

Buying a house is, for most people, the largest purchase they make in life. 

For this reason it is always recommended that you have an experienced building surveyor inspect the property during the conveyancing process so that you can be aware of what you are purchasing.

A common misconception is that your lender arranges or carries out a survey as part of the buying process. Unfortunately, this survey is usually a simple visit to the property by a surveyor to help confirm that the property is sufficient to lend against. It is advised that you utilise your freedom to instruct your own survey from an independent surveyor who help inform you about your potential new home.  

A residential survey can identify the type of construction and any potential common problems which may be present with a property of that type/age. 

The report can also advise you on what repairs may be needed in the near or longer term. This can sometimes help in negotiating a purchase, particularly if a property requires a significant financial injection in the immediate term. 

IGL Surveying Ltd have the required knowledge and experience to assist you in the purchase of your potential new home.

Having not only inspected a broad range of properties of varying ages throughout the North West, we have also arranged and managed refurbishment projects within properties, giving us a greater depth of knowledge about potential common issues. 

Applying this experience to each survey allows us to produce a detailed, yet clear report for you to before you sign your contract. 

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RICS Home Survey Level 2:

This level of survey is considered an intermediate, more economically priced level of report. Although less comprehensive than a level 3 survey, it still includes an extensive visual inspection of the building, its services, grounds etc.

The survey aims to give you professional advice to help you make an informed decision on whether to proceed with a purchase, taking into account any repairs which may be needed. 

Although it is concise, the report will provide a brief description of the construction while advising on repairs and ongoing maintenance issues. 

A Level 2 survey is likely to suit:

  • unaltered buildings

  • buildings of traditional construction

  • well maintained properties

  • properties less than 100 years old

Our Surveyors will ask you questions about the property during the appointment process and advise if we feel a

Level 2 survey would be appropriate or not. For older, more complex properties, the outcome of a Level 2 survey may include numerous referrals for further investigation which may leave you feeling disappointed with the report. In some cases, a Level 3 survey is therefore more appropriate. 


RICS Home Survey Level 3:

This level of survey is for clients seeking a professional, detailed assessment of the property.

This level of survey also aims to help you make an informed decision on whether to proceed with a purchase, but it will also help you plan for any repairs or maintenance which may be required. The detail within this report can also help you consider potential alterations you wish to make if we are made aware of these before inspecting. 

The survey consists of a more detailed visual inspection than that of a Level 2 survey and the report objectively describes the form of construction together with the materials used for different parts of the property. It also describes the condition and provides an assessment of any defects/problems, proposing the most probable cause(s) based on the inspection.  A Level 3 report will also describe potential or hidden defects in areas not inspected. 

The report will outline the likely scope of any appropriate remedial work and explain the likely consequences of non-repair.

Where agreed as part of the appointment, we can help make general recommendations in respect of any required remedial works. We can also provide estimated costs for repairs where requested. 


Given the detail, a Level 3 survey is suitable for any domestic, residential property, regardless of age or condition. 

IGL Surveying Ltd are able to provide the two above types of survey for residential properties.

We are unable to provide Level 1 surveys as we are not registered as valuation surveyors and these surveys typically include a valuation within the report.

More information about the different levels of survey can be found on the RICS website:

Which Survey Should I Choose?
Level 2 Surveys

RICS Home Survey Level 2 

The RICS Home Survey - Level 2 includes:

  • A visual inspection of the property including; garages, boundaries, grounds etc.

  • Any roof spaces or basements will be accessed where applicable and where safe

  • Exposed elements will be observed but finishes and furniture will not be lifted or moved as part of the inspection

  • Visual inspections will be made on exposed services although they will not be operated

The report will:

  • Provide a brief description of the construction

  • Identify any defects

  • Advise on repairs which may be required

  • Advise on short term maintenance

Level 3 Surveys

RICS Home Survey Level 3

An RICS Home Survey Level 3 includes:

  • A through visual inspection of the property

  • Thorough inspection of the grounds and permanent out-buildings.

  • Where accessible, inspection covers of drains are lifted to observe drainage runs

  • The services are inspected visually where exposed and will be operated in their usual way to confirm they are working. We are unable to test services with any specialist equipment. Further tests by qualified engineers may be recommended for services.

  • Loose coverings will be lifted from floors

  • Access hatches will be opened and concealed areas such as roof voids and basements accessed for inspection (where safe to do so)

  • Floor voids are inspected from the hatch although a more extensive inspection of a floor void can be carried out if required and agreed as part of the appointment

The report will:

  • Provide a description of the construction and materials of each part of the building

  • Describe any defects found with each element of the property. These will usually be supported by photographs of the issues where possible to aid in the description

  • Make you aware of common defects which may arise with the construction or materials in question

  • Highlight ongoing maintenance issues

  • Provide recommended solutions to any defects or maintenance

  • Although the report does not constitute a formal asbestos survey, we will highlight any materials which were considered to potentially contain asbestos (ACM's)

  • Where agreed prior to the inspection, estimated costs for repairs/maintenance needed can be provided to help in negotiating sales

  • The report will comment on the energy efficiency of the building and recommend ways in which this could be improved

  • Desktop searches will be undertaken and results highlighted in the report where any potential risks are identified close to the property (Radon, flooding, etc.)

  • Following these searches and the inspection, the report may recommend further matters you should confirm with your legal advisor prior to purchase

If you would like to enquire about either level of home survey, please fill out this form and we will come back to you as soon as possible

When contacting us; please confirm the preferred level of survey required as well as the address of the property in question

Thank you for your enquiry. We will come back to you as soon as possible

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