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During the term of a lease, there are various stages at which you may require a dilapidations survey. Typically this would be:

  • At the outset of the lease

  • At interim stages during the lease period

  • At the end of the lease

IGL are able to assist at all of the above stages. Our experienced Chartered surveyors have a keen eye for detail when looking at all types of buildings. We also understand that it is not just the physical elements of the building which require assessment, lease clauses can very greatly and there may also be statutory obligations to consider. We therefore start by reading through the repair clauses of each lease carefully and working with any legal teams as needed to fully understand these terms. We then consider the repair terms against the condition of the building to develop a thorough, yet fair assessment of the dilapidations obligations. 

Our experience with various refurbishment projects helps give us good bench marks for estimated costs aiding in our negotiations for either landlord or tenant appointments.

If you are a landlord looking to protect your assets or a tenant looking to gain a full understanding of the lease obligations you are aboue to take on, we invite you to get in touch at the earliest stage possible so that we can help you navigate these matters. 

For Landlords and Tenants

IGL are able to assist both landlords and tenants with their potential liabilities during various periods of a lease term.

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Renting out your commercial or residential building can be a daunting process. 

After you have sought legal advice to help draft out a lease which you hopes protect your assets as much as possible, then found the ideal tenant, it can be overwhelming to then consider recording the condition of your asset prior to the new tenant occupying the premises. 

Similarly, you may desire to understand the condition of your building at an interim stage of the lease to help in budgeting for future repairs for which you maintain responsibility. Or to help in budgeting for future repairs which may be required at the end of the lease period.

Or, you may have a lease which is nearing the end of its term and you wish to understand whether the tenant has complied with their repair obligations as stipulated in the lease, or where they are now obligated to make repairs.  

In any event, IGL are able to assist. Click on each of the images below relating to the various stages of a lease to find out more:


If you are looking to take on a new lease, particularly for a commercial premises, it is vital to understand what obligations you are entering into with the new lease.


Lease repair clauses can be costly to ignore as they can present an unexpected shock costs at the termination of a lease if you are not aware of them at the outset.

During a lease, or at the end, the repair clauses may have come back to the forefront of consideration as you have now been presented with an interim or terminal schedule of dilapidations from your Landlord. This may be a new experience for you which you are unsure of how to negotiate. 


IGL can help support you and guide you through these various stages of a dilapidations claim. We can advise you on how best to approach the settlement process, or negotiate settlement figures on your behalf. 

Click on each of the images relating to the various stages below to find out more:


If you require help in relation to your lease or repair obligations, contact one of our Chartered Building Surveyors, or to discuss your potential needs:

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