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Design and Contract

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IGL Surveying Ltd staff are all experienced with the more common CAD software packages, including:

  • AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD Architecture

  • Sketchup

Using these CAD packages allows us to develop designs in a range of styles for various stakeholders. 

For end-users and Clients we are able to draft more aesthetic 3D drawings which help to give a better representation of the finished product.

While contractors typically prefer 2D drawings which contain specific details. 


Using our experience of construction, we are able to develop proposals from the initial feasibility that are practical to the existing construction. Working with clients at these initial stages ensures their approved which is feasible.

We are then able to progress these artistic designs into practical drawings for planning, building control, tendering  and construction purposes.

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This detailed development of the initial designs is undertaken alongside our development of the schedule of work. Both the drawings and schedule are typically used as part of a traditional tender process for the works to be priced by contractors. 

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We typically approach contracts on a traditional procurement basis, developing drawing drawings, specifications/contract sum analysis and an associated tender pack which we then distribute via a competitive tender process. 

Given this, most of our experience lies within the JCT suite of construction contracts which we consider most suitable for this process. 

As most of our projects are small-to-moderate in scale, our experience is most thorough in relation to the JCT minor works and intermediate forms of contract. However, we do also have experience in administering the standard forms of building contract for larger projects as well as acting as employers agent for design and build contracts. 

In a small number of cases, we have adminstered NEC construction contracts. If you wish to use this form of contract over a JCT Contract, we would recommend you discuss this desire with us at the earliest stage possible.

Pre-contract support

When administering a contract, we will work closely with you and the selected contractor to ensure the contract is tailored to the project in question, but also meets your needs.

This typically begins at the outset of the tender stage with our prelims document setting out the expected contract clauses for the contractor to consider when developing their tender.  At this stage we would discuss with you and/or advice on your requirements for the contact including; insurance requirements, expected liquidated damages costs, performance bonds etc. This helps to prevent further costs being presented by contractors to cover such elements after the tender stage.

Once a preferred contractor has been selected, we then host a pre-contract meeting to finalise the contractual clauses ahead of the project commencement. We would then draft the applicable contract for both parties to sign and ensure that all requested information is provided ahead of works commencing on site.

During the contract

We ensure the contract is adminstered as fairly as possible throughout the scheme. This is helped by our regular site inspections which helps us to keep on top of contract variations, ensuring they are quantified and costed fairly for both parties. 

This close monitoring helps to control costs of each contract while ensuring contractors are paid fairly for any additional works.

We are then able to provide you as the Employer with regular forecasts of project costs.

We ensure that contractual certificates are issued on time. Our close monitoring of each project allows us to review each claim for payment to ensure clients are not put at risk by paying for work which has not yet been completed.

We also adminster other certificates at completion stages, or we review contractors applications for extensions of time to ensure they are applicable in line with the contract. 

During the contract we continue to chair regular meetings between the contracted parties. In these meetings we review

  • all contract instructions to date,

  • requirements from either party for any additional information,

  • the progress of works in line with the contract periods,

  • the quality of the work to date,

  • payment certificates,

  •  contractors reports of progress including any time lost due to relevant events

These regular meetings help to again provide a up-to-date review of how well the works are progressing in relation to the contract. 


CDM Principal Designer


IGL's surveyors are all members of the Association for Project Safety (APS) which helps to evidence our knowledge and experience in relation to managing project safety in relation to the Construction (Deisgn and Management) Regulations 2015 - better known as the CDM Regulations.

With this experience, we can advice and help manage the health and safety of a project at the earliest opportunity to eliminate foreesable risks or to ensure steps are taken to control any remaining risks.

IGL can advice an Employer of their requirements, and help to bring together the required pre-construction information.

During the construction phase, we will ensure the Principal Contractor provides the required information and has the appropriate welfare facilities ahead of commencing on site as are required to be provided by the Employer.

We will then continue to work with all parties throughout the process of the works to continue to update the health and safety information in line with any changes to the works.

Finally, upon completion, we will collate the required health and safety file for the project which the Client can then reference in the future should any further works be required, or should the building be disposed of. 

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