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Expert Witness

IGL’s expert witnesses accept instructions only in areas where they can demonstrate high standards of competence. Our reports are based on the IGL Quality Management System and CPR Part 35 for the benefit of the court to assist in the resolution of disputes.

Our expert surveyors’ competence is based on knowledge and experience gained over many years of practice in a variety of fields of work combined with ongoing CPD work in specialist areas. Experience and knowledge of court and civil procedure rules are derived from practical involvement, training and experience.

  • Design Pathology: We interrogate design issues developed over a broad range of projects involving differing client criteria.

  • Construction Pathology: We assess constructional form using knowledge and experience of traditional, system build, and modern methods of construction.

  • Statutory Requirements: we interpret the full range of statutory regulations against the design and construction criteria of the project/contract.

  • Contract Procedure: We assess the contractual requirements from a practical knowledge of the use of the major JCT contract forms of procurement.

  • Negligence: We assess the performance of professionals based on our own experience.

  • Defect Pathology: We undertake a thorough, measured, and systematic investigation of construction defects, based upon a wide appreciation of construction design and technology.

An expert witness must above all else have competence in their subject area. Their approach must be objective and without bias. They must possess the ability to express themselves clearly and logically both in a written and oral manner. Coupled with this they must have a knowledge and an understanding of court and civil procedure rules.

Robert was a reliable expert witness who provided a lot of detail and presented it clearly.
He remained impartial and answered questions well.

Stockport County Court judge following Robert Baines' first court appearance

as an Expert Witness


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