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Quality Monitoring


Quality Monitoring

In appointments where we are asked to manage a project on your behalf, we take a proactive approach to ensuring works meet the quality set out in the design documents and the contract. 

We do this through regular (usually weekly) site visits.

Having tyically been involved in the evolution of the design, we have a thorough understanding of the works required and the subsequent quality standards which need to be met. 

We work closely with the appointed Contractor to discuss any concerns about quality of works during each visit. In addition to this, we share reports of our inspections with both the contractor and client. These are mainly photographic reports with descriptions and annotation to support what we have found.


Our regular inspections not only help to ensure quality standards are being met, but allows a record to be kept of progress, weather conditions, site staff etc. all of which is vital to ensure the contract is running to programme. 

New Builds

IGL's experience of work in relation to new buidlings is predominantly related to the design of significant extensions to existing buildings, or the addition of a new buiilding wihtin an existing built environment.

Doing this, we work with planning authorities to create a design solution that both complement an existing building, whilst at the same time also adding a sense of styling.


IGL act as designer, project managing the procurement process, and administering the contract on behalf of the client through to completion, including the cost control of the works. IGL is also able to undertake the role of Principle Designer (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

Where a completely new building is required, the client’s needs are typicall best served by not procuring the design service themselves. They are better advised to utilise a ‘Design & Build’ route to achieve their goals. In this way, they are gaining the benefits of the contractor-led design team. IGL are still able to assist in this situation though, as here we can interpret the client brief into quality tender documents to establish the fixed price tender. IGL uses their experience as professional building surveyors and site monitors to ensure that the quality of the building is delivered for that cost.

New builds

Handover inspections

Although when buying a new property you would hope everything would be perfect, new and to the highest quality, unfortunately this is not always the case.

Prior to the completion of the works, you may be offered the opportunity to inspect the property for final bits which you consider need finishing off. These are typically called "snags". 

You may feel more confident in IGL attending your new property to undertake this inspection for you. Having experience of the types of modern construction, as well as knowledge of the typical issues which arise, we are able to look over your new property with a keen eye. 

Further to this, our experience of working with insurance companies has given us a thorough understanding of the measurement techniques which they measure new build tolereances against. We can therefore ensure your new property has been built to these required standards before you move in.

Following our inspection, we are able to produce a detailed schedule of snagging works which you can issue to the developer to complete or negotiate with them. 

Examples Of Our Quality Monitoring Services

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