Party Wall

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 exists to allow Building Owners to exercise their rights to undertake relevant building works that may affect the buildings of an Adjoining Owner but in a responsible manner. Statutory procedures exist, which may lead to the creation of an Award, setting out clearly the rights and responsibilities of both Owners involved

Through a pragmatic approach IGL work with both Building and Adjoining Owners. We look to work as part of a team, to identify & encourage the production of good quality design and construction information, whereby the works can be completed responsibly when undertaken. Surveyors are also there to deal through Awards with matters such as responsibility for costs, damage, or loss and other disputes that may arise between the Owners.

Initially, IGL recommends that you should refer to the Department of Communities and Local Government’s explanatory booklet. This explains how the Act may affect someone who either wishes to carry out relevant work under the Act (the “Building Owner”), or someone who might be affected by those works (the “Adjoining Owner”). The document can be found at:


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