Which type of survey do I require?

At present we are unable to offer an RICS HomeBuyer Report (survey) (due to technical difficulties). This report would include all the features of the RICS Condition Report. It would also include advice on defects that may affect the property with repairs, and ongoing maintenance advice.  

As soon as we are able to offer this service, we will update this page. 


IGL Surveying Ltd are able to provide 2 different types of survey reports for residential properties.

The first is the RICS Condition Report; this type of report will give you a clear and concise “snapshot” of the condition of your potential purchase on the date of inspection.

This type of report is generally recommended for the purchase of a relatively conventional/standard construction of a modern property.

Our condition reports are produced in the RICS format using a simple ‘traffic light’ colour coding system to rate individual elements of the property.  The report will highlight any areas of concern or serious problems that may need attention and any areas of further investigation that need to be undertaken prior to commitment to purchase.

We may recommend further investigations where necessary, but this type of report does not offer any advice regarding future maintenance or repairs.  It will also not give you any cost information for any work that may need to be carried out after the purchase.


The second is the IGL Building Survey; this type of report is bespoke and will give you a comprehensive and detailed insight into your potential purchase on the date of inspection.

This is generally recommended if you plan to make a substantial investment in a property of age, unusual construction, that is run down, those with existing major extensions or alterations, or you are planning to alter the structure of the property.

The IGL Building Report will provide you with details on the methods of construction and the materials used, advice on defects and the appropriate repair options.  If agreed at the outset, this report can include estimated costs for recommended repairs; this can often help you decide whether you wish to proceed with the purchase.

The information provided within this report could also help you in negotiating a better deal with the vendor.

More information is available on the RICS website: http://www.rics.org/uk/knowledge/consumer-guides/home-surveys/