Case Studies – Conversion / Remodelling

Astoria and Malibu Blackpool

Project Overview

As a result of our extensive experience of flat conversion schemes undertaken in and around Blackpool, the newly formed Blackpool Housing Company approached IGL to see whether we could assist them in progressing a project that had already had some initial design work undertaken in house.

Through our extensive knowledge of complicated conversion schemes, IGL were able to offer early cost advice to ensure the client had a greater understanding on how their preferred design and specification choices would affect overall costs thus allowing them to agree a specification that fell within their budget

IGL’s experience of working in older properties ensured that a detailed specification was prepared. This not only covered the conversion works, but also ensured that possible risk items such as hidden defects were included in the specification at the outset of the contract thus giving a greater degree of certainty to the outturn costs.

The final design chosen required an extensive knowledge and experience of soundproofing design and detailing within existing buildings. Again, IGL developed solutions that resulted in actual sound test results that significantly exceeded minimum standards set within the Building Regulations.

Weekly inspections by IGL’s project Chartered Building Surveyor throughout the contract, meant that costs were closely controlled with accurate forecasting of the projected final account being provided within monthly cost reports.

These inspections also meant that the contractor received all necessary design information at the relevant stages to ensure that the project was delivered on time and within the forecast costs provided.

Project Details

Client – Blackpool Housing Company

Services – Design, CDM Principle Designer and Contract Administration

Value – £1.27M

Programme – 60 weeks

Astoria and Malibu Gallery

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