Through the ethos of using experienced surveyors on refurbishment projects, IGL is better able to advise on the ability of a building to accept alterations or modifications proposed.

Better informed judgements can be made on issues relating to the building’s condition. Specialists are consulted and their opinions are taken into account as part of the solution but are not necessarily the determinant of the solution.

IGL’s design solutions are unashamedly pragmatic with good cost control. Both come from experience. In this way, the client’s business needs are applied to the building in question. IGL’s solutions have been shown to work over time. From pragmatic solutions comes the opportunity repeatedly to add value for the client.

From the experience of individuals and repeated involvement in the refurbishment field, IGL has built up a reliable cost library. Clients receive reliable cost reports throughout all the stages of a project. The choice of an informed refurbishment contractor to the project team is vital to the successful outcome of a project.

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