Case Studies – Defects

Defects Investigation, Manchester

Project Overview

A Design and Build project for an 8 storey block of flats with a developer in liquidation. Defects investigation revealed extensive problems relating to inadequate fire protection of the structure and fabric.
IGL were appointed to investigate, prepare an Expert’s Report and initiate a remedial works contract.

The investigation needed to be systematic and thorough with Expert Witness experience. What started as investigation of general defects related to water penetration problems, eventually revealed widespread issues related to fire protection.

Intumescent paintwork to steelwork in the basement car park and throughout the building was found to be inadequate. Compartmentalisation to walls in cupboards & service ducts were severely breached. Smoke shafts were incorrectly constructed with inadequate protection to steelwork & partition linings. Pipe and cable penetrations to ceilings & walls were not properly protected with fire collars.
Fire doors had inadequate seals, excessive gaps and defective furniture.

A Fire Strategy developed for the building was based on a form of construction that had not been achieved, thus a short term revision to evacuation procedures was advised as being essential. Fire Risk Assessments undertaken had not yet been followed through with appropriate investigation & remedy.

A thorough investigation of all areas of the building were undertaken. Specialist fire consultants were involved to deal with fire engineering issues related to the smoke shafts & ventilation inadequacies.

Arrangements were made with tenants for inspections of all flats and investigations in vacant properties

Project Details

Client – Large R.S.L

Services – Defect Investigation

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