Building Defect Analysis

Building defect analysis or building pathology as it has come to be known is essentially about dealing with the cause of a problem rather than the symptoms…

It therefore requires an analytical mind which needs to gather all the necessary information before beginning to commence a diagnosis. ‘Looking outside the box and drawing quick conclusions is seldom likely to produce effective long-term solutions.

Some surveyors are more suited to this type of work than others. IGL recognises this and uses the experience and specialism within the office to best effect. Experience and knowledge of construction are invaluable, but new technologies in construction can be approached without fear if the principles of investigation and diagnosis are followed in the same way.

Analytical equipment can be always be hired, but there is no substitute for knowledge and experience. It is equally important to be able to communicate the results of an investigation in a manner that can be understood by those it is intended for.  IGL constantly strives to avoid technical jargon for its own sake. IGL prides itself on the work completed in this field over the years and it is closely allied to the specialism of Expert Witness which is also a specialism of IGL.


Sound Financial standing and experience in this field – Established in 1992

 Surveying Director’s experienced in surveying and diagnosing defects in all types of Building types
Significant experience of defect diagnosis and rectification for a wide range of building types & Client groups
Experience in working with major warranty companies both on the Client side and Building owners
Thorough understanding of building warranties and how the major warranty providers work.
Thorough understanding of construction and particular problems associated with recent buildings using “modern methods of construction”
Ability to advise on proposed remedial solutions along with budget costs, advice on procurement and remedial works implementation, including full management of the works on site
Experienced designers which enable us to find pragmatic solutions to existing design defects

 Use of 3D modeling software to produce 3D details for more complex remedial solutions

Use of Risk Management techniques to highlight areas of principal risks and manage risks during the construction stage

Recent Case Studies

Building Defect

Tissington Court, Ashbourne

Building Defect

Brentwood Villas, Marple

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