Beswick Co-op, Manchester

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We were approached by Great Places Housing Group following complaints of water ingress by residents into various apartments to the upper parts at this Grade 11 listed residential building in Manchester.

We were asked to carry out inspections to the parapet gutters, roof slopes and dormer window constructions as well as the faience & parapet at the uppermost level on the front elevation of the building.

Additionally, we were instructed to carry out an inspection to the remainder of the building in order to determine it’s condition and produce a costed programme for any remedial works that were identified.

The building was once a Co-Operative market hall but had been converted into residential accommodation roughly 15 years prior to us inspecting the property.

Upon inspection, we found defective rainwater goods and roof finishes. Along with this, we found a great deal of defective masonry due to a lack of maintenance and there were many areas of vegetation that had taken root within open joints, particularly at high levels. This had caused weathering of mortar and damage to the decorative faience finish of the building.

We ensured the building was repaired, resolving the issues of water ingress, by working with skilled experienced contractors using traditional techniques together with traditional lime based mortar, which we were able to specify to closely match the existing.

IGL worked with a specialist manufacturer to replace areas of heavily damaged faience with new, matching in style and colour almost exactly. The extensive repairs that were carried out to the exterior of the building not only resolved the issues of water ingress but also restored the exterior façade of the building, helping to preserve this historic asset.

This was all accomplished within the clients budget and timescale.

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